We would appreciate if you share your experiences with us which will encourage and motivate our team:

"This kind of trust should exist to provide some drops of life to people in the need of such help. Very well done for creating such trust and that holds lots of trust of people around. Keep it up."

Much love


"I really appreciate the initiative.
It is indeed small droplets that make up the ocean. So a step like this ends up making a huge difference."


Meghna Kaushik

"It is heartening to see an enthusiastic person like Rakhee to come forward to help the needy. I have known her for last three years and have seen her to go out of the way to help whenever it is required.

Over the years, she has helped several individuals (especially children). Her help has been timely and generous. It is wonderful to note that she has brought in professionalism in her work towards the down trodden. She personally finds out the exact situation of the person requiring her help. Her ability to connect with such people is phenomenal.

Support from her friend and well wishers is example of people believing in her work. I do too.

Rakhee with her head and heart will take her program for her organization forward and I am confident that she would be able to reach out and support many such needy people in the years to come.

Wishing Rakhee all the best for her future endeavors."


Nivedita Dasgupta

"My association with Rakhee Gakher goes back to 2005. Rakhee comes across as a very pleasant person who always wears a smile on her face. She is an extremely dedicated person and gives her heart and soul to whatever she takes up, personally and professionally. As a professional she is very efficient, hardworking and has managed to carve a niche for herself.

Rakhee has a humane side to her also, whereby she runs an organization aimed to support vulnerable and persons in need. This is entirely her own initiative which is very close to her heart. I remember the time when around 5 people were in dire need of financial help and Rakhee was the first person I could think of, who indisputably will come forward and help the people. She totally matched my expectations and did whatever best she could contribute, within her means.

It has been a wonderful experience knowing the "real Rakhee" and I wish her all the best in all her future endeavors and a journey called life."

Good Luck

Pramod Singh
R - Restless
A - Adorable
K - Knowledgeable
H - Helpful
I - Interesting

"At all times I have found RAKHI to be like this. I am very much surprised but of course glad to see her in all time high spirits for her professional assignments as well as personal life. Sometimes I just get amazed by her way of accomplishing of any task rather I should say "tasks" in just on time.

I know Rakhee.....you will always be there to support the disadvantaged people not only out of passion but with lots of courage and conviction.

Keep doing great work......"

Best wishes always
Sandhya Misra
"I have known Ajay Sofat for last almost 8 years when he used to dream of helping needy but was not sure how. Then one day he was excited to find a group to join with same goal.

It is unbelievable the way he does the work without getting tired no matter what time of the day or night it is. We wish him luck for the new assignment called BOONDEIN."

May God bless you.
Mr. D. Mehta & the team

"I have never known softer heart then Vijayakumari's. Only God Knows from where she brings endless inspiration and motivation to help needy endlessly. She happily sacrifices her own interest if she finds someone in need. May God bless her with all the happiness in the world. May God bless her immensely in her new endeavor BOONDEIN."

Geeta & Vijayalaxmi
"I welcome another brick in the wall of humanity that protects against the uncertainties of a journey called LIFE. A few such more initiatives & the world would be a place worth living."