Success Stories Which Gave Birth to BOONDEIN

1.0 Health & Nutrition/Medical Aid:

Kidney Transplant of Master Ram Ashish

During the month May 2007, a distraught father came to us, when he had totally resigned to the cruel fate of his young son Ram Ashish, aged 22 years, eldest of his 5 children, whose both the kidneys had failed about 4 years ago. Very frequently, he had to be put on dialysis. With his meager means of income and a large family to feed, he approached us to help him in getting the renal transplant operation of Ram Ashish done.

When the Almighty has to show his miraculous ways of reaching the needy, things just move forward. We arranged a letter from the Health Ministry for a free ward at the Apollo Hospital, and the renal transplant was successfully done in the month of Nov 2007 under Dr Vijaya Rajkumari's care (one of the Founder & Trustees of BOONDEIN).

To meet the operation expenses, funds were raised through friends and like minded people who generously donated for the cause. On humanitarian ground, even Apollo hospital authorities came forward and reduced the operation cost. Jointly, we could save a precious life, a task which seemed unachievable as we began our journey.

Following Are Some of The Pictures in Apollo Hospital, Delhi:

Success of the case gave birth to our Charitable Trust called BOONDEIN (Benevolent Organization for Old, Needy, Deprived and In Need people of our society) working in the area of Health & Education.

Nutritional & Medical Support to The Security Guard

Anil, around 28, works as a security guard, resident of Badarpur, Delhi, was bed ridden for a year with some intestine infection which got complicated. He could not come on job for a year. He was provided medicines & nutrition for few months as he was in the dire need of support in absence of income.


Scholorship of Master Vinay

Some years back Anju (a patient of depression) was abandoned by her husband. With no financial support and a huge responsibility to raise three growing children (a boy and twin girls) she did not know whom to look up for support. Her children’s future was bleak. She approached us with a request to educate her children.

Her eldest child, Vinay, is bright in academics. In the year 2005 he had appeared for Class XII exams and scored very good marks. Looking into his performance, we agreed to provide him 100% scholarship for Engineering so that he could stand at his own feet and look after his mother and twin sisters.

Vinay is currently studying in one of the prestigious college, School of Aeronautics, New Delhi doing Aircraft Maintenance Engineering.

Few Cases of BOONDEIN

1.0 Health & Nutrition/Medical Aid:

Cancer Patient Anand Case

Anand, around 42 years of age, is a cancer patient who used to drive a van to run his family (wife & 3 children). As we all know treatment for the cancer is very expensive. He was getting treated in AIIMS, Delhi. His wife approached us with a request to support as she was earning only around Rs.2200/- monthly. After visiting his house & doctors regarding the case, we decided to support the family with medicines.

Mohit Case of True Precocious Puberty

Mohit, around 5 years of age, is suffering from true precocious puberty. He needs treatment for the same up to 12 years of age. He has lost his mother at the age of 2 years. His father is not keeping well and is unemployed. BOONDEIN has taken the case to support the medicines/injections.

Bhavuk Case of Heart Surgery

Bhavuk is  9 years old. He is resident of Delhi and has a hole in his heart since birth. Recently family came to know that there are other complications also related to his heart. Family is very poor and have around Rs.4000/- monthly income. In this income they have to feed family of five members. Boondein is getting the surgery done and supporting the family in whichever way is possible

Nutrition to HIV Patients & their Families:

We are supporting 3 families of HIV Patients for their nutrition on monthly basis. All the 3 families live in Delhi. We would like to respect the privacy of the families and are not disclosing any information here.


Scholarship of Taruna & Karuna, Twin Sisters

Taruna along with her sister Karuna (twin sisters) came to us for pursuing the high school studies. Their father abandoned the family about 10 years ago. We at BOONDEIN supported their vocational education. They did very well in their high school exams. Before conception of the trust also, sisters were supported their basic education by the trustees. We are now providing scholarship for their higher studies


Akhil & Nikhil

Akhil & Nikhil are brothers and are mentally challenged. Their father is blind and mother is handicap. Family is struggling to meet both ends meet leave apart the expensive treatment of children. Boondein is supporting the family for sending both the children to special schools and providing them nutritional support.


Neelam's Case of Support for Basic Education

Neelam's father died in 2006 and mother along with her 4 children works very hard. Earning of 5 people only comes to around Rs.3500/- per month. We were requested to support the basic education of Neelam, brightest of all children. BOONDEIN is happy to do the same.

Manisha's Case of Support for Basic Education

Her father was lost in 1998. Police couldn't find him till date. Familiy's monthly income is only around Rs.2500/-. We were requested for the support for Manisha's basic education who is studying in 11th standard. BOONDEIN is supporting her for the same.